I can’t remember what it was like before.

I try, but I can’t remember.

Two human years ago, I was staring out of a big cage. Sometimes, big people would appear.

They’d stare and make smacking sounds with their lips and put their fingers through the bars and it was a bit scary. Then they’d go to a desk and someone behind it would write their details down.

The humans pets I live with now say they were all the people who wanted to give me a new home (I can understand every word, but I pretend I can’t because I can get away with more shit).

Turns out my human pets were the ones at the top of that list, and they took me home.

Two human years ago today.

I guess, before the cage, things were different. But I can’t remember.

All I know is that now I get fed and I get played with and I get cuddles. Best of all, I get to annoy the humans every day but all they seem to do is love me more.