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I’m Matt, the guy behind ‘British Filth’, the writer and creator of the audios.

The audios I make are what you might call ‘positive erotica’.  That is, uplifting, inclusive, feel-good filth.

My blog is a mixture of posts I make myself, and answers to questions I receive through my Tumblr blog and via email.  I ramble, have a tendency to approach things philosophically, and always lean towards empathy, hope and progression.

If something touches you or gives you cause to react, please feel free to comment, share or privately feel good/seethe.

Cute person I just met: Hey!
Me: cnlkdnklenfioiqqckkl23cnjq

“Every person has a right to pleasure and has a right to have their pleasure taken seriously by their partner.”

The police fabbed up their squad car for Brighton Pride celebrations in England today. LOVE this! 🏳️‍🌈🎉

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