Why is life so hard?

It can often feel that way, can’t it? Life can seem a lonely, uphill struggle. Yet to others, life appears to be easy. Why is it some of us struggle with things that don’t seem to affect someone else? Is it that their life is easier? Have we been dealt a bad hand of cards? Is there something wrong with us?

It certainly feels the case that some of us have more challenging circumstances than others, but we don’t need to spend long thinking of what’s commonly considered an ‘easier life’ before we remember somebody famous or successful who’s struggling like many of us do, sometimes badly.

So I don’t think it’s ‘life’ that’s hard, if by ‘life’ we mean our circumstances and situations.

I think it’s often our choice of perception that makes things seem so tough. We tend to focus on our imperfections rather than what makes us unique. We give ourselves a hard time for our mistakes more than we celebrate our achievements. We can be quick to judge ourselves by our limitations rather than focus on what we do well. How quickly our minds recall an insult, yet we might have to really think to remember a compliment.

How we choose to think and position ourselves can determine how our lives will feel. It’s not easy, and it requires willpower and self-discipline, but a great place to start to alter how we feel about life is by focussing on our relationship with ourselves. Here are some facts: You are able. You are competent. You are likeable. You are worthy. If none of that feels true, just pretend it is for a week and see what happens. Self-belief is the beginning of confidence, and confidence can be a game changer.

The truth is, you are all of those things and more. Your life is a beautiful bubble of wonder; a unique set of once-only experiences that only you will ever live through, so when things seem difficult, become the observer of your life from a wider angle and let that perspective help keep your head above water. I believe in you. You can do it.