In the absence of things we can see, our imagination has permission to take flight.

We’re invited not just to consume, but to create and participate.  To bring our mind’s potential to what we hear in a unique, and truly personal way.

I’m inspired to use such an affecting medium in two ways.  Firstly, to wrestle our conception of arousal away from glamorous, unrelatable depictions of sex and sexuality.  What I produce is unflinchingly and deliciously sexual, but it also aims to be real.  It’s authentic and sincere, even when it delivers tangents and silliness – because that’s what happens in the real world.

Secondly, I hope to help re-define the idea of ‘hierarchical beauty’ against which so many of us are encouraged to compare ourselves.  I believe in the innate, universal beauty of our individuality.  That each and every one of us are equally worthy, valuable and inherently beautiful.  These audios allow me to express that in a direct, personal and immersive way.

My audio master list is below.  Click on each audio and you can hear a short sample, and get links to where the full version is available.  I hope you enjoy what you hear.

The Master List

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In this audio, you play an office tease.  It’s time for your annual review, and the story picks up after you’ve been called to my office…

(Full length:  23m 11s)

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It’s freezing outside of this bed.  Will you come and warm up with me?

(Full length:  15m 55s)

Best Friends

So there’s something I should probably let you know…

(Full length:  16m 19s)

Call Me

This audio is a tease; a seduction.  You can take it as a fantasy, or take it as a challenge 😉

(Full Length:  11m 22s)


The secret is out.  You’ve been occupying my thoughts, and I can’t get enough of you. 
An extended version of this audio can be found via my Patreon.

(Full Length:  18m 04s)


Something romantic, for when you just need to feel loved.  

(Full Length:  11m 32s)

Cum Fetish

There’s something you should know:  I have a thing for cum.  I love feeling you orgasm over me.  Maybe I could explain this in more detail…

(Full Length:  11m 38s)


I’m desperate for you. It’s more than just a casual desire; I want you so badly…

This is a little different in the sense that I talk at length about how I value and desire you. Then I move into an orgasm all of my own, within that context. There’s usually a mutual orgasm in my audios but not in this one. This is about how you make me feel, and my demonstration of that. 

(Full length:  19m 16s)

Drop To Your Knees

I think it’s time that you dropped to your knees.  I want to tell you exactly what I’d love to do.  

(Full Length:  8m 03s)


No words in this one, just a few minutes of coming close to the edge until I can stand it no more.  Moans, groans, heavy breathing and spitting just to make it that extra bit filthy.

(Full Length:  6m 40s)

Escape (Taken)

This one’s different.  I want to take you somewhere you can escape with me, so this is a journey.  It takes two or three minutes to build, so stick with it.  For best results, listen with headphones… 

(Full Length:  19m 07s)

Fuck Me (Please)

How long are you intending to hold out on me like this?  I neeeed you to fuck me.  Please.

(Full Length:  12m 13s)

Getting Caught

So I had this idea: make an audio based on us getting up to no good.  Record it, as I always do, in real time and completely authentically, and deliver it to you so we can have fun together imagining what we’d do.  The only problem: the unexpected factor that I would actually be caught, recording this audio.  So, everything runs like clockwork until I hear the keys at the front door and a genuinely unexpected arrival…

(Full Length:  7m 57s)

Gin & Juice

One of my more ridiculous audios… listen to me edge whilst attempting to rap along with Snoop.  *red face*

(Full Length:  4m 41s)

Good Girl

Word has reached me you’ve been a good girl, touching yourself with me while I whisper and growl into your ear.  Good girls deserve rewards, so here is yoursAn extended version of this audio is available via Patreon and the Collection package.

(Full Length:  18m 25s)

Happy Birthday, Cum Slut
Happy Valentine's Day, Darling

We’ve just come from a meal together, and I’ve written a few words to let you know how much you mean to me.  Tonight, I just want to love you.  Valentine’s Day is the perfect moment to express my adoration.  

(Full Length:  21m 23s)

Hello, Boys

You’ve been neglected for too long, men.  It’s high time we had some fun.  Strip off, lube up, and let’s play.

(Full Length:  6m 41s)

Hello, Cum Slut

A darker audio for anyone who likes to be dominated, instructed, used and made to cum.  There’s no humiliation or objectification here.  After all, daddy loves his cum slut…

(Full Length:  19m 18s)

Hot to Frot

To ‘frot’ is to engage in sexual activity involving male/male genital contact.  Have you ever wondered how that might feel?  To rub our hard cocks against each other?  Would you like to find out?  To everyone else, would you like to watch?

(Full length:  14m 53s)

How Much Can You Take?

As you walk away looking sooo pleased with yourself, having teased me mercilessly yet again, my ability to cope has reached breaking point.  Now you’ll discover how much I can take, as I put the same question right back to you…

(Full length:  16m 16s)

I Need You

This is for anyone who’s going through a rough patch and wants to feel desired, appreciated and sexually empowered.  Detach from your worries for a few minutes and come and hear how badly I want you.

(Full Length:  18m 24s)

If I Were Really In Your Bed

I think it’s about time I went into detail about what might happen if I were with you right now, as you listen to this… in your bed. This audio is based on a script by u/-et_Al

(Full Length:  27m 35s)

In Plain Sight

To be listened to in public… going out today?  Take me with you.  Nobody will know what you’re listening to.  Let me be your dirty secret.

(Full Length:  13m 06s)


This is an audio to thank you for following, for your encouragement, and for what – in turn – you do to me…

(Full Length:  11m 26s)

I've Missed You

I’ve missed you, baby.  Let me tell you how much, and how you consume my every thought, until I come home and show you personally.

(Full Length:  27m 20s)

Jerk Off With Me

Reach down.  Get it out.  You know what I’m talking about. Let’s jerk our cocks together.  It’s just mutual masturbation.  Listen to me wank and match my pace.  Let’s do it.

(Full Length:  11m 00s)

Let's Get Dirty

There’s no storyline or plot to this one; I was just feeling really turned on and wanted to make you part of it…

(Full Length:  12m 46s)

Let's Get Off Together

Whoever you are, this is for you.  Looking to get off?  You qualify.  I’ve tried to make this for everyone, so your only requirement is to be horny as fuck and ready to play.

(Full Length:  22m 24s)

Masturbation Moans

Occasionally, some people request that I record a straightforward  masturbation – no talking, no narrative, just breathing, moaning and  jerking.  Well, here’s several minutes of just that.  Plus some  lubrication, of course 😉 

(Full length:  5m 15s)

Moving In

This is a follow up to The Flat Viewing, and the second improvised audio I performed, so it still has that ‘don’t quite know what I’m doing’ feel to it!

(Full Length:  19m 53s)

Netlicks & Chill

Spending time with you is everything. Listen as I tell you how special you are to me, as I run my fingers through your hair and hold you close. Let’s close the door on the world and be together. Put on your favourite show, and sit back as I make love to you with my tongue…

(Full length:  14m 20s)

No Rest for the Wicked

Lock your door, pull the blinds, and spend five minutes getting off with me.  I recorded this on a lazy Sunday afternoon, but I’m good to go with you any day of the week.  Just press play, and let’s have some fun 😉

(Full Length:  6m 27s)

Nocturnal Affair

You’re the partner of a friend, and you’ve been teasing me for months, every time I visit.  I’ve acted drunk to ensure I can stay the night and passed you a note across the dinner table to set your alarm for 3am and come and knock on my door…
–  An extended version of this audio can be found via my Patreon.

(Full Length:  22m 54s)

Oral Fixations

Let’s use our tongues to bring each other off.  I think it’s only polite that you get to enjoy this first, so lay back… then it’s your turn.

(Full Length:  12m 55s)

Our First Time (I Love You)

After things got too heavy for you a few nights ago, you’ve chosen tonight for our first time together, and your first time ever; an evening in which we’ll laugh, snuggle, kiss, lick and say goodbye to your virginity…

(Full Length:  20m 41s)

Our Little Secret

This is our space. It belongs to us. It’s where we can let loose and play dirty.   Nobody knows and the judgements of others are absent here. Come and indulge in your safe place… An extended version of this audio is available via my Patreon.

(Full Length:  19m 39s)

Our Safe Space

Let me remind you where I’m coming from.  I’ll describe the space we have together and how valuable you are within it, before letting you know how hot it gets me to make you feel good…

(Full length:  17m 02s)


Climb into bed with me… let’s play for a while. 

(Full Length:  8m 52s)


So it turns out you’ve been a naughty girl, thinking dirty things and making yourself cum.  Naughty girls need to be punished, and I’m going to administer a punishment I suspect we’ll both enjoy.

(Full length:  17m 23s)


It’s my first night living with a male friend of mine.  A cheeky late-night play has some unexpected consequences…

(Full length:  18m 43s)

Scotch on the Rocks

This audio is my first ever script fill, recorded May 2019.  It’s a script by u/tarkustrooper and unlike anything I’ve recorded before. The story of an unkind dom transformed into a bratty slut.  Gender transformation & male bimbofication…

(Full Length:  18m 08s)

Sharing Cock

You’ve always told me you want this; to go to a club, pick up a guy and take him back to share between us.  This is an audio imagining we do just that, with you selecting a hot guy for us to devour together.  There’s something in this one for everybody, and no place for inhibitions…

(Full Length:  27m 24s)


You know this can’t go unpunished.  The question isn’t whether it’s going to happen, it’s what punishment I’m going to administer.  There are a few options, but I suspect we both have something similar in mind.

(Full Length:  16m 23s)

Something for the Weekend

I tend to start Saturdays naked, horny and erect.  Oh no wait.  That’s every day.  Well, I recorded this on a Saturday anyway, for you to enjoy any day of the week.

(Full length:  6m 08s)

Surprise, Cum Slut

You’re in a cab on the way back from a night out.  I’ve had my eye on you all evening, cock-teasing just about anyone you could.  Did you think I was going to let you get away with being such a tease?  Of course not.  So I’ve put you in a cab, and left you a voicemail with some directions.  Follow them to the letter, because I’m not far behind you, and I have a special treat with me for my naughty little cum slut…

(Full length:  17m 57s)

The Flat Viewing

I hear a knock & get up. You’re here to view the spare room.
This is the first unscripted audio I ever recorded, so I was still getting my footing here!

(Full Length:  25m 31s)

The Headmaster's Office

News has reached me that you’ve been sexually disruptive in class.  This behaviour won’t stand.  I’ve summoned you to my office, where I will take the matter in hand personally…

(Full length:  9m 0s)

The Library (Public Sex)

You’ve been toying with me for weeks.  I’ve seen you visiting the central  library in various states of undress from my desk.  Each time I’ve sat there silently hoping you’ll ask for my assistance, but instead, you’ve teased me with promiscuous outfits and suggestive glances.  Finally, you’ve requested help to find the aisle in which we keep erotic  literature.  This is my chance.  Heart pounding, I jump at the  opportunity to approach you.  Unbeknown to you, my sexual frustration needs a vent and it won’t take much for you to push me over the edge…

(Full length:  13m 03s)

The Menu

Accordion Content

The Middle of the Night

Why do we always seem to wake at the same time, in the middle of the night?  Come snuggle with me and put your head on my chest.  Oh… you don’t think I can feel your hips start to grind against me?

(Full length:  16m 04s)

The Reverend (Part 1)

This was the first audio I ever recorded.  It’s a story, so it’s not like my others, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.  I’m often asked how I got started doing audios, and this is the answer.  It’s a story I wrote years ago, then one day decided to read aloud. 

(Full Length:  27m 02s)

The Reverend (Part 2)

The second part of this story.  Warning: this amps up the theme, so if you’re religious, you probably won’t enjoy it (although what are you doing here to begin with, my naughty little deviant?)

(Full Length:  20m 53s)

The Reverend (Part 3)

The conclusion of the trilogy, which will make no sense at all unless you’ve already heard parts one and two.  The cliffhanger is resolved as the final chapter of this erotic audio novella is concluded.

(Full Length:  26m 20s)

Patreon Exclusive

Tongue On Call

Don’t you know I’m on call for you?  Play with yourself while you listen to me telling you what I’d do to you with my tongue. An extended version of this audio is available via my Patreon.

(Full Length:  12m 0s)

Two Boys, One Shower

I’m in such a rush this morning, and I don’t have time for you to finish up in the shower, so how about I just… jump in with you?

(Full Length:  21m 50s)

Use Me

I want you to use me.  Take my voice and the filthy things I’ll whisper in your ear, and use me to get off.  Access a special unedited, behind the scenes journal of what happens before, during and after I record this audio, via the Patreon icon below.

(Full Length:  37m 54s)

Used Before Breakfast

You’ve always told me you have a sleep fetish; to be taken and used while you slept, waking to a delicious cock breakfast.  I’ve bided my time before acting on it, to pick the right moment and surprise you.  This morning I’m awake before you, and as we snuggle and you dream, I can feel you rubbing against me, and how wet you are.  The time is right…

(Full length:  11m 17s)

Visiting At Christmas

You’re among lots of visitors to my home at Christmas.  You’ve been teasing me across the room all evening, and I can’t take it any more…

(Full length:  10m 57s)

Waking Up With You

You’re among lots of visitors to my home at Christmas.  You’ve been teasing me across the room all evening, and I can’t take it any more…

(Full length:  10m 57s)

You Want Me To Call You... Babygirl?

We’re finishing off a romantic evening together, when you start sharing about the rough fun you’ve been secretly desiring to have in our bedroom… this one’s from a script written by u/VivacityAudio

(Full Length:  23m 05s)


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