British Filth

In the absence of things we can see, our imagination has permission to take flight.

We’re invited not just to consume, but to create; to participate.  To bring ourselves to what we hear happening in a unique, and often truly personal way.

I’m on a journey to use such an affecting medium in two ways.  Firstly, I aim to wrestle our conception of media-driven arousal away from glamorous, unrelatable depictions of sex and sexuality.  What I produce is unflinchingly and deliciously sexual, but it also aims to be real.  It’s authentic and sincere, even when it delivers tangents and silliness.  Because that’s what happens in the real world.

Secondly, I hope to help re-define the idea of ‘hierarchical beauty’ that so many of us are encouraged to compare ourselves against.  I wholeheartedly believe in the innate beauty of our individuality.  That each and every one of us are equally worthy, valuable and inherently beautiful.  My audios allow me to express that in a direct, personal and totally immersive way.

My audio lists are below.  Click on each tab and you’ll find a linked list of all audios available on each platform.  These lists are kept up to date daily, and the latest audios are highlighted. Rambles, Q&A’s, podcasts and special one-off’s are not included.  You’ll have to explore to find them…

I hope you enjoy what you hear.

British Filth: Pride is a Patreon I’ve designed specifically for those who enjoy audios primarily designed for my male audience.

Launched in July 2018, this is a new outlet for some of my filthiest recordings.  Here, you’ll find regular exclusive audios, extended versions of audios from elsewhere, and interaction designed to get you off hard. Come and check it out.


British Filth: Tumblr is home to my biggest collection of public audios. It’s also where I keep my blog which includes all sorts of Q&A’s, interactions and posts.

Tumblr impose a strict limit on the size of audio files users can post. That means the vast majority of these audios are lower in quality and often shorter than the full versions (found on my Patreon sites), but they’re all accessible and free of charge via the links provided. I hope you enjoy them!

Where an audio is asterisked (*), an extended version is available via Patreon.

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