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They’re talking weird today, these humans. Telling me I’m won. I know I’ve won – I’m the Doo! I was born winning. But I must have done something extra good today, because today I’m not

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Audios Are So Easy

Sometimes he shuts the door and makes noises. What’s going on in there?! Fucked if I know. I just wait outside and hopefully he’ll play with me when he comes out. The noises are weird,

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Dis Mine Now

I love saying that. Except, I don’t really say it. I do it. Dis mine now. My favourite is when he’s sitting down, legs out, feet up. Sometimes he’s reading, sometimes he’s eating. Sometimes he’s

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Ode to the Green String

Oh Green String, how you tempt me, Bringing joy to days otherwise empty, You compel me with your greenish frays, Indulge me in my kittenish ways. I love to chase your frazzled end, Back and

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The Bestest Taste Ever

There was this weird and busy time called crissmus. It meant many new things, including not one but TWO trees in the house and lots of sparkly toys. Anyway, I discovered something that makes me

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Checking Up

My human said we were going to a check-up and not to worry. Why would I worry?  I check up all the time. Just the other day, I was in the middle of cleaning the

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Hello, human.  My name is Lady Floof, but you can call me Floofy Doo.

This part of the site belongs to me.  I write the content and all opinions are my own.  I’m 15 of your human years old, aka 9 cat months.  I like racing around for no apparent reason, squeaking when I want to talk, my green string, and food (aka anything).

I’m basically the cutest kitten in the world.  I’ll love you very much, but fuck with me and I’ll crush you.

I am the Doo.

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