Floof Birthday

They’re talking weird today, these humans. Telling me I’m won.

I know I’ve won – I’m the Doo!

I was born winning.

But I must have done something extra good today, because today I’m not only won, I also get a treat. Fresh tyunah!! OMG gimme now just gimme already OMFG I want tyunah so bad.

It’s not even tyunahforhyumans, it’s the good shit. The kind of tyunah I can’t eat too much of.

Why am I getting it today? It’s because “I’m won”.


They also bought me a card. I couldn’t work out what it said. It was just a mess of squiggles. Don’t they know I’m not Welsh?!

It had a cake with one candle on it and there were pictures of balloons.

Naturally, I started ripping it to pieces.

So, a strange day for yours truly. But any day I get this much love is a day I’ll enjoy!

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