Frequently Asked Questions

To say I get a lot of contact about what I do here is an understatement.

I’ve compiled the following list of FAQ’s to give you some answers to the most common questions.  If there’s anything else you’d like to know, I’d be happy to chat.  Please get in touch via the contact page.

About me

Who are you?

I’m a British guy (duh) who creates erotic audios and runs an associated blog. I channel my sexuality and kinks into audios (public, paywalled via Patreon, and commissioned) which I purposefully design to arouse, empower and uplift.

How did you get started doing all of this?

As I was transitioning from one period of my life to another, one of the things I was exploring was my sexuality.  As part of that journey, I wrote a short story and uploaded it to a popular erotic literature site.  Whilst there I discovered erotic audio and as an experiment, recorded my own audio of the piece I’d written.  The audio side of things developed from there.


As they increased in popularity, I looked for new platforms and found Tumblr.  I started delivering audios there as well, and realised that the reach I had wasn’t just turning some people on, it was also having a meaningful, positive impact.  It was the missing piece to what I do today, which is to try and simultaneously turn you on, but be real about what I firmly believe is your inherent value and beauty.

Can I get to know you personally?

I’m always open to getting to know my listeners!  The best place to start is by sending me a message, or consider buying access to the complete collection, where you’ll find a bunch of Q&A audios which aren’t available anywhere else.  They’ll give you an insight into who I am and if you think we’d get on, say hi!

What do you look like, how old are you, etc.?

Part of the appeal of the audios I make is that they don’t limit themselves.  The listener could be anybody, and they’re designed that way.  You’ll never hear physical descriptions or attributes mentioned that might preclude people who’d otherwise enjoy the personal connection I try to create.  For the same reason, as curious as I know some people are, I keep my personal identity a mystery.  I believe that empowers the imagination to create something more impactful and visceral than would otherwise by achieved if the listener had a specific image.

Do you talk to anyone else who make other audios?

Not on a regular basis, but many of us who have done this for some time are aware of each other and I keep in touch with a few people.  Some have finished recording and moved on to other things, some are new to this (in which case, say hello!) and others are veterans.  The beauty of this is that we all have our own unique voice and approach, so we’re not stepping on each other’s toes – each of us is doing our own thing and together, you get the full menu.

How come you haven’t responded to my message?

This could be for several reasons.  Some questions which ask or reveal personal information won’t be answered publicly for privacy reasons.  If you contacted me anonymously (and the only way I can answer is publicly), it leaves me a little stuck – it’s always best to give me a way to get back to you.  I may also choose to answer questions a little later than when they were asked so platforms don’t get overloaded with Q&As.  I can’t answer all the messages I’m sent publicly because there’s too many of them.

If you’ve been in touch privately, it could be that I haven’t had the time to read or respond to your message.  I try to respond as quickly as possible. If you’re getting impatient, pester.

How can I thank you for what you do?

It felt totally awkward to type that question, but it does happen to be something I’m asked every now and then.  Firstly, I’d love it if you simply let me know.  I receive a lot of email but I read every message with gratitude, and respond personally whenever I can.

From a public point of view, please share this material.  Tweet it, blog it, share it with suitable friends, and let people know that immersive audio erotica exists that values and celebrates humanity instead of objectifying it.

Finally, please consider joining my Patreon, buying access to the complete audio collection, or ordering your own private audio.

Sometimes you disappear – how come?

A couple of factors.  Firstly, life.  I have a separate full time job in the real world and make audios as a part time thing.  I’m juggling a few different responsibilities and don’t always have the freedom I’d need to be able to record content or add posts as much as I’d like to.

Secondly, what I do would die a quick death if I ever felt forced or obligated to produce content.  I do it for the love of the art, the connection with my listeners and to produce something good in the world.  Doing it for expectation or deadline would compromise the quality of what I try to create.

So for those two reasons, there can occasionally be gaps in content.  I try to limit those and am constantly tweaking real life stuff to be able to spend more time with you.

I’d like to send you an audio/video/picture – is it safe?

Sometimes, people like to engage with me on a more personal basis and send through their own audio or pictures, for example.  You can do all of that via my contact page, but I know sending something personal can be a bit scary, so let’s talk safety.

Firstly, yes, it’s safe.  This site is fully secure and so is anything you might want to send.  Aside from being safe on a tech basis, whatever you send me is also safe on a personal basis.  I won’t share it or post it anywhere else. It comes straight through to my personal email and you can expect a personal response.  Let’s interact.

The audios

Is what I’m hearing actually… happening?

I’m afraid so 😉

When you start to listen to my work, I hope you’ll get the strong impression that things are real. If there’s one thing I want to avoid, it’s being inauthentic. So the things I say, the values I espouse and yes, the sounds and the groans… they’re all genuine and happening as I record each one.

Do you read from scripts when you record?

Almost all my audios are improvised in the moment, and usually begin with only a title and a vague sense of direction.  That way, the recording sounds much more alive and organic.  There’s an editing process when I’ve finished, but I’ll leave the majority of what I’ve recorded in the final product, even if I veer away from the subject and find myself on a tangent, because I’m more interested in sharing what’s real than I am a reading a written piece, but I do enjoy reading a good script occasionally.  Audios that are script fills are labelled as such. Everything else is improvised.

Is anything off-limits?

There are a small handful of scenarios I choose not to record.  I won’t record anything that includes (or implies) harm, self-harm, non-consent or humiliation.  Why not?  It just doesn’t interest me or take us to the place where I’d like us to connect.

Would you do a collab with someone else?

I’ve collaborated in the past and wouldn’t rule it out, but it’s tricky to get right in a way that sounds natural and authentic.  I’m open to exploring ideas and chemistry though, so – possibly!

Where do you post audios?

You’ll find me on a number of different platforms, but always under the handle ‘British Filth’.  The most regular place I post is on my Patreon page, which you’re welcome to visit and join. You’ll also find condensed versions of my audios on my Tumblr blog.  I did have a subreddit, but that was inexplicably banned by Reddit, and will hopefully return shortly. The complete collection of public audios, several unreleased audios, some Q&A’s and archived podcasts is also available and that’s where you’ll find downloadable, high quality, full length versions of everything I’ve made, other than what I post to Patreon.

Finally, I occasionally contribute to Literotica and several slimmed-down versions of my audios can be found there.  If you happen to find my audios anywhere else, please let me know because I won’t have authorised the share and that’s just not cooool, man.

I want to hear you say something I’ve not heard yet

You’ve got a couple of options.  Firstly, send me a message and let me know what it is you’d like to hear.  I can’t promise I’ll make an audio that will include it, but it might spark an idea that could lead to something similar!

Alternatively, consider purchasing your own audio – something made just for you that only you will hear.  You’ll be able to get as specific as you like, including names, phrases, themes and more.

I have an idea/request for an audio!

Awesome!  Please send it to me here and I’ll let you know what I think.  I’m very open to requests and suggestions but can’t promise I’ll make them all publicly because they may not have widespread appeal.  We can definitely chat about it, though!

Can I post your audios elsewhere?

I’m happy for any audio that’s publicly available to be shared anywhere you like.  I just ask that you include a link back to where the original can be found.  Please do not share audios that are exclusive to Patreon, the Complete Collection or private custom audios.  If you’re not sure, just ask!

I’m under 18. Is it Ok I’m here?

Too late!

Look, my audios are made for adults. They usually get very sexually explicit and that means I have to ask you not to listen to them or contact me if you’re younger than 18.  There are good reasons for that, and great places for you to find information, advice, somebody to talk to, etc.

Please visit – I’ve been in touch with these guys personally, and they’re there for you.

I am too, just not quite yet.

Thanks for understanding.

Custom audios

How does this work?
I make custom audios available several times a year.  You can find out when the next time that will be, and what you could order, by visiting this page
Once you’ve made your choice, you head to the store and make your order.  After your purchase, you’ll be taken to a short form I’ve designed so you can tailor your audio to your own specifications.  I’ll then be in touch directly to confirm I’ve received your order, and your custom audio will arrive shortly.  I’ve tried to make this as easy as possible for you, but also give you the opportunity to be part of the creative process.
What about this ‘limited availability’ thing?

Owing to the demand vs time dynamic, there are a limited number of custom audios available each time they become available.  Once demand matches supply, customs won’t be available to order until the next occasion public audios are made available.

To stand the best chance of securing your own custom audio, check this page for details of the next public availability, and act quickly.

Will you record something taboo?

Probably.  It really depends on what it is you want to hear.  Send me a message in confidence, and I’ll get back to you and let you know if it’s something I’d record for you.  Don’t worry if it’s a bit out there – I’ll be impressed if you manage to shock me.  Lay it out and we’ll talk.

How can I pay for this?

At the moment, by PayPal.  So that basically means a card, but you don’t have to have a PayPal account.

How soon will I receive my audio?
I’ll aim to get your audio to you within 10 days of your order, but please allow 2-3 weeks just in case anything comes up.  I’ll keep you up to date if it’s delayed.
Is there anything you won’t record an audio about?

Yes, but they’re limited.  I won’t record content that includes (or implies) non-consent of any kind, humiliation, harm or self-harm.

What name will appear on my statement?

Any purchase made via the store on this site will appear as ‘BF Audios’.

What’s your refund policy?
If you don’t receive your audio within 30 calendar days of your order, a refund is available on request.  Refunds are not otherwise available for any other reason.
Can I buy an audio as a gift for somebody else?

Yes, you can.  The form that follows your purchase asks you for the name you want to hear me use.  You can choose any name you like, and be as detailed (or not) as you want to be.  If you have any specifics that aren’t included in the form you send me after your purchase, please contact me as soon as possible to make sure I have your details.

Complete collection

Will my access ever run out?

For as long as I am actively creating audios, no.  I have no plans to stop permanently.

Is there anything I won’t get access to?

Only the audios created for Patreon. Those are not publicly available and are created for the kind people who support this whole thing over there.  Please consider visiting and joining my Patreon community.

When will I get access?

I monitor order daily, so when I see your order arrive, I will set up your access immediately.  Owing to the weekend or times I may be away, please allow 72 hours for access, but it will likely be much sooner than that.  I’ll let you know via the email you give at the time of booking.

What exactly will I get?

The Complete Audio Collection contains the full (often extended), high quality version of every public audio I’ve made.  That includes Q&A’s, including those exclusive to this package, all podcasts and some music mixes.  The Collection also contains some audios not available anywhere else.

What name will appear on my statement?

Any purchase made via the store on this site will appear as ‘BF Audios’.