My blog is a mixture of posts I make myself, and answers to questions and comments.  I ramble, have a tendency to approach things philosophically, and always lean towards empathy, hope and progression.

If something touches you or gives you cause any feels, please feel free to comment, share or privately feel good/seethe.

Staring into the Void

This time of the year is a bit like a twilight zone for many of you. The gap between loneliness and hopelessness. Christmas seemed to happen to everyone else, and there doesn’t appear much to

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How can I feel happy again?

Short term: a tub of your favourite ice cream, this song, this book, this video, this audio ;) Long term: can happiness actually be pursued? Or is it a beautiful by-product of a different, more

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How to love?

This is such an important question, because the answer simultaneously provides solutions to many other related traumas. How can I feel like I’m worthwhile? Where is my sense of happiness/fulfilment? What can I do to

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