My blog is a mixture of posts I make myself, and answers to questions and comments.  I ramble, have a tendency to approach things philosophically, and always lean towards empathy, hope and progression.

If something touches you or gives you cause any feels, please feel free to comment, share or privately feel good/seethe.

Why is life so hard?

It can often feel that way, can’t it? Life can seem a lonely, uphill struggle. Yet to others, life appears to be easy. Why is it some of us struggle with things that don’t seem

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Trans Pride

I want to take a moment to publicly stand by my Trans followers. Please remember that no Presidential order, no piece of legislation, company policy or administrative directive will ever define your worth or have

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Thoughts on chubby girls?

I’m always a bit taken aback by questions like this. It makes me think you’re asking whether I’d like somebody in spite of being ‘chubby’, which probably means two things: 1) you think chubbiness is

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Thoughts on a New Year

Try typing ‘new year’s day’ into your phone. You’ll probably find it altered to upper case. We know why that is: the cultural importance necessitates a certain gravitas in phonesville, and that’s understandable. But time

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