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From 5th of every month (for Patrons) and 10th (for everyone else), I offer a strictly limited number of personal audios recorded just for you, using your name.

Below, you’ll see a selection of themes.  On the date that applies to you, visit this page to choose the style of audio you’d like to order, and you’ll be taken to the store.  After your purchase, you can tailor the audio just as you’d like to hear it.

Soon afterwards, you’ll receive your very own audio, recorded personally for you, delivered direct to your email inbox.  It’ll be yours alone and yours to keep.

Check the FAQ page for answers to the most common questions.

Let’s make this personal.


All the feels.  Sweet, tender and accepting.

If you want to feel desired and cared for, this is for you.  Hear me whisper to you about how much you’re loved and how valuable you are.  Fully accommodating, body-positive and life-affirming, your audio will be fun to listen to (romance doesn’t need to be serious) and will leave you feeling happy and satisfied.

Tailor this to your liking after purchase.

Public / Risky Sex

Calling all exhibitionists and risk-takers.

Who knows what you’re listening to?  Your work colleagues?  Your fellow students?  Your significant other?  If only they knew you were listening to me whispering filth into your ear.

What could we do in the quiet carriage of a train?  In the office cubicle?  In that alleyway?  Who’d see us?  Would it matter?

For sinners who can’t help but love to sin.  Tailor as you wish.

Rough & Wild

Who said the nice guy can’t bring the heat?

Let’s see how far we can take it.  You set the limits, and we go there.

Hard, nasty and primal – because sometimes, you just want to fuck.  So if you like the idea of escaping into an immersive world of rough play and scorching hot, wild sex, this is your audio.

As with the other themes, you can style this via a series of specific questions you’ll be asked after purchase.  Let’s do it.


Sometimes, all you need to hear is an encouraging voice.

There are moments in all our lives where things get a bit overwhelming.  In those moments, many of us retreat.  We bunker down and wait for the storm to pass.  It can be debilitating, upsetting and lonely. Even more so when we seem to be in it by ourselves.

I’d like to speak some words of kindness to you.  I’d like you to feel less alone, and that somebody is on your side.  This audio is for you if you’d like to hear from somebody who cares.  It’ll make you laugh, and could make you cry, but I promise you’ll feel a little better.

Script / Pre-Written

Bring out your inner creative!

If you’ve written, or found, something you’d like me to read, this is the audio for you.  It can be any piece of writing.  Maybe it’s a famous piece or perhaps you just made it up.

This is a good choice for anybody who’d like to hear very specific things.  Other themes can be styled but not scripted.  So if you’d like to hear me say something precise, choose this.

If there’s anything you’re not sure you can ask for, please ask.

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