About Me

This site, and the audios, are about you.

All of this is to try and turn you on, to speak to your inner sexiness and beauty, and to encourage you.  So an ‘about me’ page feels kinda wrong.  But, I’m asked about how all this got started a lot – how I went from a twenty-something guy from England to British Filth, with millions of listeners around the world.  So here it is.

My childhood and early adulthood was religious, but I never felt completely sold on the theology I was indoctrinated into.  It wasn’t something I thought too deeply about until I moved from where I grew up in South West England to university, and started studying philosophy.  At that point, I was introduced to questions I didn’t have answers to, and rather than retreat into dogma, I braved it out and conceded ignorance.

At the same time, my sexuality was emerging.  I was what many might consider old when I lost my virginity.  I was 24 years old.  It was awkward, but at last it had happened.

Afterwards, I still had things to work through.  Part of that working-out formed a creative process and I wrote a story called ‘The Reverend’.  It turned into a trilogy which I transcribed into audios and is still available as part of my complete audio collection.  Initially, I submitted it to an online erotic literature community I’d found called Literotica.  I left it there for about three years.

A few years later, I came back to it and was surprised to find it had received some attention and positive feedback.  At the same time, I discovered an audio section of that site, and decided to read my original story as an audio submission.  It did well – people seemed to enjoy my diction, tone and accent.

Encouraged by that, I started to record more.  Awkwardly at first; improvised, bumbling attempts to communicate a sexuality.  Again, all available in the complete collection.  But as time went on, I became more confident in my sexuality and what I wanted to portray.  I started to become attuned to what people wanted to hear, and developed what I was recording in a symmetry between what turned me on, and what turned my listeners on.

Before long, I was recording audios that became quite successful on social media.  None of them are scripted – they’re all streams of erotic consciousness that vary between gentle and romantic, and filthy and primal, and everywhere in-between.  My audios are authentic.  The sounds you hear are what they purport to be, and my words are chosen in the heat of the moment.  No dialogue is added, post-recording.

What I’m producing now is what I consider to be the truest expression of my sexuality.  It’s inclusive.  It doesn’t require you to be a specific sexuality, gender, skin colour or have a level of experience.  You – who you are right now with all your fantasies and ideas, all your desires and passions, and all your self-doubt and insecurities – are at home with what I produce and should feel safe to relax into it.

You won’t hear depictions of assault, abuse, encouragement of self-harm or oppressively submissive relationships here. You can find that elsewhere – that isn’t what I do.  But if you’re looking for assurance, romance, encouragement, pure primal fucking, or all of them at once, let’s do this.

About the Site

This site is fully inclusive and accommodating of all sexualities and gender identifications.  It’s body-positive and aims to be a place where sexuality can be explored and celebrated in a positive way.  If you’re a human adult, they’re for you.

There’s something special about engaging the mind aurally, that captures the imagination and invites it to paint something magical.  That power comes into fullness in safe spaces, free from self-judgement and triggers.  So this site does not depict fantasies involving assault, oppressively submissive relationships or self-harm.

It does indulge in explicit sexuality so expect bucket-loads of filth.  The clue’s in the title.