My blog is a mixture of posts I make myself, and answers to questions and comments.  I ramble, have a tendency to approach things philosophically, and always lean towards empathy, hope and progression.

If something touches you or gives you cause any feels, please feel free to comment, share or privately feel good/seethe.

Moving Forward

All of us are waking up today to a changed world. For some, the world has changed for the better; government now feels within reach, priorities that felt neglected are now in play, and somebody

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Do you find black women attractive?

Answering this is problematic. To use another person’s skin colour as the subject of their attractiveness is to elevate it disproportionately. It’s like asking if I’m attracted to a particular accent or a dominant arm.

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God loves you 🙂

*bites tongue* … **presses down really hard** … ***winces***… ah, fuck it. Really? That’s interesting, because I have few questions and given I reserve my respect for theories based on the weight of evidence, I’ll

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Do you think porn is wrong and immoral?

We need to define some terms. Let’s extend the definition of ‘porn’ beyond the big studios and websites so it includes ‘tube’ type sites, cam model sites and – yes – Tumblr blogs. Basically, anything

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Do you ever get bored with sex?

I get bored of everything, from time to time. I think we all do. We don’t have the concentration span to be infinitely engaged with one thing, and no thing is here to infinitely engage

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