Audios Are So Easy


Sometimes he shuts the door and makes noises.

What’s going on in there?! Fucked if I know. I just wait outside and hopefully he’ll play with me when he comes out.

The noises are weird, though. They’re like.. UUUGGGHHH and GRRRRRRR and OOOOOOOOO

There’s often laughing and he sounds like he’s talking to an old friend but there’s only him in there! I know because I’m the Doo. I know every inch of this place. Nothing escapes my attention. Everything’s on my radar.

Anyway, so one time he shut the door and he probably thought I went off to eat or sleep or some shit, but actually I parked up outside and listened in.

I don’t know what he said (he keeps talking in this incomprehensible gibberish language instead of meows and purrs like normal people) but I figured – whatever he’s doing, it must be worth it, right? I mean, he keeps doing it.

So I decided to give it a go. I made my own audio. Here it is:


You’re not allowed to not like it, K? It felt quite personal, in a strange way.


6 thoughts on “Audios Are So Easy”

  1. This is just the cutest audio clip. Soon as I heard Floof I fell out laughing. Thanks for giving me a smile and a good laugh.

  2. ???
    I thought the post was cute and then I hit play. I fell out laughing as soon as I heard that first note.
    I love it.
    First time here.
    I think I’m a fan now thanks to British Floof.

  3. Loving Floofy-do’s work 🙂

    In case no one has mentioned it, the big play button is playing the “Choose the romantic audio” track. The orange play button is correctly playing Floof’s audio though.


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