A new podcast for creators and consumers of erotic audio.

The Eargasm podcast is seeking contributions for a season one launch in late August 2019.

If you’re an erotic audio artist or represent a platform or community that hosts erotic audio, I’d love to hear from you.  Please browse through the episode themes and subject areas for season one.  If you’d like to contribute towards a particular episode, record a short (max. 3 minute) audio with your experiences or suggestions and send it to me via the form below.  I’ll aim to include a variety of voices in each episode, so just pick the episodes you’d particularly like to be part of. 

Season One: Creation

Ep.1: What Is It About Audio?

The first episode will focus on audio as a medium.  Why did you choose it?  How did your relationship with audio develop?  How have you or your listeners/followers been impacted by your work? 

Ep.2: Finding Confidence

We’ll focus on confidence in this episode, talking about things like how to take the first step when you’re really nervous, hating the sound of your own voice, coping strategies for criticism and how to deal with success.

Ep.3: Performing Process

I’ll be looking at the process of getting down to it and actually recording, covering things like where you record, getting in the mood for recording, finding the right opportunity, and how to prepare to do it.

Ep.4: Technical Aspects

What do you use to record?  How do you ensure you’re recording in the right environment, with the right acoustics?  Do you have any post-recording techniques, or any specific pre-/post production process?

Ep.5: Platforms & Communities

Now you’ve recorded, where do you go to share what you’ve created?  Does that change depending on the type of audio you’ve made? Is there a community you’d recommend, or best practices you employ?

Ep.6: So Now You're Published

How do you handle successs? How do you cope with feedback (quantity of messages, unsolicited dick pics, etc.)? I’ll also be discussing maintaining the momentum, adopting a reliable schedule for delivering new audio, evolving your content, discovering new kinks etc.

Take part below

You can upload one audio, or multiple audios for each contribution.  Please specify which episode you’re contributing towards.  Please also include a brief ‘ident’ (i.e. ‘Hi, this is ‘, and ‘This is , and you’re listening to Eargasm‘.)  The podcast will be informal and light-hearted, so relax and be yourself.  I will credit all contributors (with links) in the episode itself, and the description attached to it.

The deadline for submissions for season one is Sunday 30th June.

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