What do you find to be the most attractive feature or quality in someone?

Their heart. Seriously.

What attracts me is how somebody treats other people; how they care for those with less than them; how they support and encourage those around them and build others up with love and compassion.

We are encouraged to make immediate judgements about others based on empty, superficial aspects of their physicality – their waist size, their height, their hair, etc. and while it’s great to be happy with how we look, it’s self-destructive to use that as a way of forming value judgements, or even worse, have it affect how we feel about ourselves.

So, I try and ignore it. Let’s say you bump into something and knock yourself out. Who’s the more attractive person – the one who laughs because now you’ve got a cut on your face, or the one who picks you up, treats the cut and makes sure you’re ok? Appearance is a novelty but when it comes to the qualities in a person, it’s way down the list.

I’m attracted to people who are true to who they are finding themselves to be as individuals, and I want to be around somebody who exudes that positive love and care towards others, and towards our planet.