Do you find black women attractive?

Answering this is problematic.

To use another person’s skin colour as the subject of their attractiveness is to elevate it disproportionately. It’s like asking if I’m attracted to a particular accent or a dominant arm.

The object of my desire is a person who has discovered the bravery of forging their own self against a culture that forces self upon us. It’s the person who sees failure and rejects it in the context of their potential. It’s the person who owns hope while nursing a broken heart. It’s the person who sees a world full of islands but presses on in the belief of a better collective future.

And it’s a person who presses the snooze button eight times before getting up. Who reads up on how to get into better shape but orders a Dominos and puts fitness off until tomorrow, not letting it define them. A person who enjoys pillow fights and tickle contests. Who hugs me like the world’s about to end, and who lets me tickle their back and play with their hair without being cynical. The person whom I can look in the eye and feel a powerful, mutual love without saying a word.

Am I attracted to ‘black women’?

I’m attracted to humanity and all it’s glory.