What’s your take on the whole ‘friends with benefits’ thing?

It’s for everybody to decide what level of friendship they want with each friend in their life, so I don’t have any fixed ‘position’ on this one.

What I would say is that true friendship is such a spectacular gift, and so rare. To have a friend who genuinely has your back; who sees you through when others see you’re through; who will be candid but committed, considerate but constructive, is an amazing thing to experience.

Introducing sex into friendship may not be much of a ‘benefit’ at all. I’ve been in a friendship that became sexual and we both soon yearned for the days we could just hang out without a sexual dynamic; that we could hold hands simply because we valued each other without wondering if the other wanted to take it to the bedroom.

Some days, many of us hope we’ll find real friends in our lives, almost as if the friends we have right now are the temporary ones until our proper friends arrive later in life, and we miss the elephant in the room: the people you know right now?

They’re it. That’s who you have, at least during this chapter.

Friendship is such a powerful commitment, and it’s worth investing in and protecting. My concern would be that casual sex would either de-value or destabilise the dynamic more than the temporary physical buzz is worth.

In a nutshell: you can be an amazing, uplifting, positive and beautiful part of the lives of those around you, and they can be that way in your life.

So cherish your immediate company. Celebrate it by fostering something that’s special. Start today by telling somebody you know how grateful you are for all the good things about them you get to see.

The results may just bring you more pleasure than an occasional orgasm ever could.