God loves you :-)

*bites tongue* … **presses down really hard** … ***winces***… ah, fuck it.

Really? That’s interesting, because I have few questions and given I reserve my respect for theories based on the weight of evidence, I’ll direct them towards you, because you’re real.

So, which God is it?

Let me assume, and correct me if I’m wrong, that I can guess this God’s characteristics; he’s omnipotent (all powerful), right? Which means it’s within his grasp not only to decide not to send us all to the ‘hell’ he created, but also to set up a scenario where it’s possible he didn’t have to send his own son (who is also him?) on a suicide mission, for the benefit of a minority of people.

He’s also omnipresent (present everywhere), right? Which means he’s aware of everything that’s happening. He is intimately familiar with the unimaginable suffering of those he knowingly created into situations of inescapable torture and cruelty, and sits there doing nothing other than expecting people to believe in him, to no end.

Oh, and he’s omniscient (all knowing), correct? Which means when he created absolutely everything in 144 hours, he knew exactly what was going to happen. Maybe that’s why he regretted it all when he murdered everyone except for Noah and his family, but that doesn’t excuse him because he knew about war, disease and everything else, and he chose to do it all anyway.

Yet he’s omni-benevolent (all loving), right? So does that mean we must afford him some unique moral platform that we both don’t understand and goes against every fibre of our inner sense of what it means to be good, to excuse him of incalculable cruelty?

I’m not even out of first gear; don’t get me started on biblical textual criticism.

I don’t want to be a downer, and fully expect a drop in follower numbers given this post (hey, you’d be more consistent if you just forgave me), but the time has come for our society to draw a close to this befuddled nonsense. Believe in yourself! You are innately beautiful and capable of producing true goodness in the world. You need no third-party narrative; you are enough, and you are amazing.