Assuming you’re straight, do you feel awkward doing gay audios?

I don’t feel awkward making any audios.

I try and cater for everybody by being varied in what I record, but mainly, I approach sexuality as something we all share and experience in different ways. There aren’t ‘heteros’ and ‘homos’, there are only ‘humans’, and the way our sexuality is manifested in different ways is just a beautiful example of how interesting and wonderful we are as a species.

I enjoy having fun and exploring every consensual sexual expression through my audios, and only plan to continue doing so.

I won’t feel awkward making any of them because the beauty and wonder of humanity transcends specifics, and that’s my level. I align with, accept and appreciate those of all sexualities, gender types and variations, and this blog doesn’t recognise the notion of being ‘awkward’ around any.

You worry about the categorisation, and I’ll worry about the orgasms :)