What exactly is your sexual preference?

I’m more interested in the question than the answer. What is this desire to categorize others all about? Why the need to box people?

One of the most beautiful things about our shared humanity is our diversity. Our desires and experiences are broad and varied, and I find that wonderful. Just as we differ in shape and size, so we differ in sexuality and gender identification, and some of us even find variations on that within one lifetime!

My precise sexuality isn’t important. I’m a lover of all that’s beautiful, and given I believe beauty is an inherent and core part of everybody, that means I generally love everyone I meet, even if that beauty is hidden beneath prejudice and hurtful experiences

This blog stands proudly and unashamedly in allegiance and solidarity with people of all sexualities and gender types. I stand hand in hand with my lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender followers just as I do my straight followers.

Together, we make all the colours of the rainbow.

Love is the answer.