Trans Pride

I want to take a moment to publicly stand by my Trans followers.

Please remember that no Presidential order, no piece of legislation, company policy or administrative directive will ever define your worth or have anything to say about your value. It’s not about them.

People can sometimes have a curious way of catching up. When we look at when it became legal for women to vote, or for homosexuality to stop becoming illegal, we’re shocked at how long it took us to get it. But we don’t learn. We stick rooted in ideology and outdated principles that are really just empty traditions and cultural norms.

In time, we’ll come to respect and to include. In the meantime, some groups can often be stuck. Stuck between a culture that gives you the freedom to identify as you wish but won’t see you when you do, at which point you’re treated like a threat. I’m so sorry that happens.

It’s not about bathrooms and it’s not about toleration; it’s about respect and it’s about inclusion. It’s about understanding. It’s about humanity and togetherness.

Please, stand tall and proud and know that you’re loved and accepted. There are many of us who are with you; who are for you. We know it shouldn’t be this serious, and I look forward to dancing, laughing and being with you. But while there is a struggle, we don’t trivialize it. We see it and we stand with you, hand in hand, shedding tear by tear with you as elements of society struggle with acceptance.

Let’s fight the good fight and celebrate as we do it. We won’t allow our terms to be defined. We will champion diversity, love and peace. We will keep our gaze fixed on our bright future and hasten the day.