Do you care if a girl has stretch marks?

You might notice that I don’t make any reference to physicality at any point in my audios. That’s no accident. It doesn’t interest me what colour hair you have, what body size you are or the condition of your skin. My favourite part of your body is your heart. I want to know what you enjoy. I want to know what excites you; what sets your heart racing and elates you; what puts a smile on your face and makes you feel whole.

It’s that level of connection I’m interested in, and it’s that level of interaction I try and bring to my audios, often implicitly. It’s not how you look but who you are that I care about. That sounds romantic but it doesn’t need to be – rougher, wilder sex doesn’t have to objectify and is only intensified by a strong connection, even if that connection is short lived.

The short answer is no.