Do you ever get bored with sex?

I get bored of everything, from time to time. I think we all do. We don’t have the concentration span to be infinitely engaged with one thing, and no thing is here to infinitely engage us. We’re just here. And so is that. Sometimes those paths cross, and sometimes they keep crossing. Sometimes they never cross.

The point is, no path is the ‘right’ one. It’s just a path. Most of us don’t have much control over which path, or options of paths, we’ll travel. But some of us look at paths that most people seem to be travelling and ask ourselves why we’re not on theirs instead. Then we get bored of our own. We undermine the validity of the path we’re on. The path which belongs to us alone. The most beautiful path of all.

If we ever find ourselves bored, it’s often because our gaze has been distracted towards the idea that there’s a different path we should be on. Perhaps that’s the path in which we’re more sexually active or adventurous. But happiness isn’t about bulldozing our way into some other direction; it’s about embracing the path we’re on. When we do that, our own path begins to fulfil us fundamentally.

The stars only shine when our eyes become accustomed to the night sky.