Dis Mine Now

I love saying that. Except, I don’t really say it. I do it.

Dis mine now.

My favourite is when he’s sitting down, legs out, feet up.

Sometimes he’s reading, sometimes he’s eating. Sometimes he’s snoozing, sometimes he’s talking into that rectangular thing he keeps in his pocket.

It matters none.

I see the lap, I own the lap. That’s how it works. What Floofy wants, Floofy gets.

Dis mine now.

It’s not just laps, though. It works on all sorts.

Food? Mine now.

Drink of water? Mine now.

Bed space? Mine now.

It’s what I do. And I do it so well. So, so well.

So picture the thing you love to have. Are you thinking of it? Can you see it in your mind?

Mine now.

Ode to the Green String

Oh Green String, how you tempt me,

Bringing joy to days otherwise empty,

You compel me with your greenish frays,

Indulge me in my kittenish ways.

I love to chase your frazzled end,

Back and forth through twist and bend.

To catch you is my one ambition,

Through hallway long, into the kitchen,

Then back to living room you go,

I will not rest – you’re mine, you know!

Now slower runs and panting breath,

You always give me such a test.

One day I’ll catch you, oh Green String,

Even though, you’re not a thing.