Question: You have to pick one door…

Full question: “Say I’m standing in front of you with 2 keys to 2 separate doors. You HAVE to pick one. Door 1, will leave you in the life you have now, just as it is, with the exception of 1 million pounds added to your bank account. Door 2 merges in your kitchen, where your wife and 2 kids (a boy and a baby girl if that helps) are waiting for you. Other than that, your life is pretty normal: same job, same friends, etc. But you can’t record your audios ever again. Which door do you pick?


So the first door is exactly the same life but with a million pounds, and the second gives me a family, but no audios?

It’s a no-brainer. I choose door two.

I love making these audios, I really do. And a lot of money would be amazing, but there’s no price I could ever put on a loving partner or to have children of my own. To love, and to love back; to look into my child’s eyes and know they’re looking up at their daddy…  you could offer me ten million to choose the first door and I’d not hesitate to run to my children, to pick them up and hold them, to kiss their forehead and tell them I love them, then to glance up with tearful eyes at the love of my life and be eternally grateful for their place in my heart.

There’s no amount of money that would ever cause me to reject that.

To experience that wonder is something I desire with my whole soul. I hope one day to meet the somebody out there who yearns for the same, and realise our dreams together, because to kiss the lips of my soul mate, and to hold our baby close to my beating heart, would make me the richest man in the whole world.